Enhancing decision making in
demanding environments

Who we are

Helyx is a professional services company specialising in the provision of information management, information exploitation and geospatial information services and solutions to enhance the capability of a wide range of defence, government and corporate customers.

We understand the importance and context of our customers’ requirements, and with our wealth of experience, technical expertise​ and deep knowledge of the industries and the environment that they work within, we are able to offer an outstanding service and uncompromising solutions.

More about us

Our mission

“At Helyx we strive to become the trusted partners of our customers and industry colleagues. We combine innovation, deep domain knowledge, outstanding staff and the latest thinking to address their key challenges”

Helyx is a professional services company that delivers critical information visualisation, geospatial and exploitation services and solutions. We were born out of a desire to do the right thing for our customers and a belief that they could be served better.

We develop deep customer trust, built on integrity and understanding of our customers’ organisations and challenges, to create enduring solutions and service offerings that improve their capabilities.

How we deliver

Our aim is to ensure our customers have exploitable and trusted information, at the right place and at the right time, enabling informed decision making in order to achieve desired outcomes.

We provide advice, solutions and systems, to turn data and information into meaningful intelligence for our customers.

This intelligence improves operations and enhances their success, giving them a competitive advantage. Our customers know that they can rely on us to deliver the best service, to exceed their expectations, and to ensure their security is not compromised.

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